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  (Multiple Beach Tour)

Route #2   (Multiple Beach Tour)

Starts at Plattsburgh Beach, paddling straight across the City and State Beach sites. Enjoy seeing private houses as you travel east towards the Ridge of Cumberland Head Straights. This route shows you beautiful properties and landscapes. When you reach the end of the coastline (a big narrowing point of the landscape). Travelers should turn around and make the trip back, using the same route.

                            Other water pathways: 

#5 Saranac River Run  (above)
#6 Ausable Point River
#7 Point Au Roche Beach Type your paragraph here.

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There are several routes available, each one are identified by name. All routes are named by the specific scenery it provides. 

Route #1  

Old base Tour (far right side of Plattsburgh Beach) 

Begins at Wilcox's dock and follows the coastline towards the historic monument and past the Plattsburgh marina. This route ends at the old Air Force Base dock area (paddling time 1hr). There is a little side beach and places to land the canoe. Restaurants are close.

 Route #4   Crab Island

Crossing the Lake Champlain towards the closest island, this route is diagonal from the air force beach area. This trip requires heavy intense work (no first timers). You will witness historic sites and monuments from the battle of Plattsburgh 

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Route #3   Scomotion Creek

The stream run. This route starts from the City Beach area, or diagonally across from the Wilcox's Dock area. Approximately (1 mile) until you reach the mouth of the stream. This water way takes you past a private hotel beach and a restaurant but the stream entrance starts before the city beach area. Once entering the stream, there are slow moving water and easy paddling. You will travel under bridges, navigate through tall grasses and standing trees. You can witness the under shade of canopies above you. The Wildlife views are a great treat!Type your paragraph here.

                   All Rental packages include:
              Life jackets, Paddles & Dock Rope